Welcome to
GSIS Skype Appointment System

What to Prepare

Basic things that you need to prepare before the Skype Video Conference

  • Find a well-lit area to conduct the video conference.
  • Be online at least 30 minutes before the scheduled video conference.
  • Ensure that your webcam, headphones, microphone, or speakers are working. You may test these by clicking on the TOOLS option at the topmost part of your Skype.
  • The pensioner’s eCard ID - (Original eCard must be presented if the video conference is for eCard activation). Scanned or photocopy will not be accepted.
  • Other IDs
    • Passport
    • State ID-abroad
    • Social Security Insurance ID
    • Citizenship green card/residency
    • Driver’s license
    • Any Philippine government issued valid ID
  • You will be contacted by any of the following Skype usernames:
    • gsis.global1
    • gsis.global2
    • gsis.global3
    • gsis.global4
    • gsis.global5
    • gsis.global6


    Please refrain from calling these Skype usernames while you are still waiting for your appointment time, even if you see these names online. They may be engaged in a video conference with other Pensioners.