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GSIS Skype Appointment System


Introducing the fastest and easiest way to set an Online Skype Appointment with GSIS to renew the active status of our Old-Age and Survivorship Pensioners residing abroad. The new system provides immediate feedback on the soonest date and available time slot to have a video conference through Skype, a web-based software that allows users to make video calls over the internet, free of charge.

By using the said online system, pensioners abroad will be able to request for a new Skype appointment, reschedule an appointment, or cancel an existing schedule for the following:

  1. ARAS (Annual Renewal of Active Status) – As an Old-Age Pensioner residing abroad, you must renew your active status yearly, on your birth month, to avoid suspension of your monthly pension.
  2. eCard Enrollment – A convenient means for Pensioners based abroad to enroll their card.
  3. eCard Replacement – Due to lost or damaged card should be requested through ecards@unionbankph.com.
  4. eCard / UMID Activation – Pensioners abroad may activate their newly-issued eCard Plus / UMID right at the comfort of their homes.
  5. eCard Renewal – Pensioners abroad may apply for renewal of their expired ECard Plus.
  6. Commencement of Pension – Retired members who are due to start receiving their pension may request for video conference.

GSIS will provide feedback on your requests through email within 24 hours.